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Why become a member

1. Objective

AAYE is a non-profit making and apolitical organization created on 03/03/2013 by a restricted group of young researchers and expert Africans. This institution is destined to implant an international network of young African economists to encourage the development of the continent through collaboration and scientific publications.
The objective of the association is to provoke, favour and promote the evolution and diffusion of science, techniques, practices, procedures and scientific research realisations by every appropriate means. Otherwise said, it intends to be a weapon of the dissemination of scientific approaches.
More specifically, it intends to:
- create a pool of scientists, engineers and technicians who desire to partake in its activities and who are susceptible of making interesting contributions;
- partake in building their capacities via continuous training by informing them and by establishing a scientific and technical relationship among them;
- help improve their effectiveness, for instance by developing all useful contacts in their benefit.
In order to achieve this objective, the association can notably:
- organise educational sessions, colloquiums, congresses, training courses, conferences, internships, exhibitions, using a technical and/or dissemination approach;
- establish reports, publications, movies and all other works;
- establish regional groups (local committees) gathering the members of the same region for a local activity;
- establish and maintain narrow relations with Cameroonian and foreign associations having similar or related purposes;
- participate in national or international demonstrations;
- And, more generally, undertake any action susceptible to contribute to the object of the association or to facilitate the realization.

2. Categories of members.

The Association consists of several categories of members: founding members, Honorary members, Active members, Associate Members, Donor Members, benefactor members, Corresponding Members, all having accepted the Statutes of the Association.
The Members of the Association can be physical persons or moral persons.

2.1. The pioneer members are physical persons who have contributed directly to the constitution and to the creation of the Association. The list of the pioneer members is established from the launch of the association.

2.2. The Honorary members are scientific, industrial, political, economic, artistic, literary personalities, or the Administration, to whom this title was awarded by the pioneer members, in the name of the Association, in recognition of the exceptional services offered to the Association and more generally, to Science and Technology, or because of the support provided to the Association contributing in an eminent way to its development. Honorary members are exempted from the payment of annual contributions.

2.3. The Active Members are persons and institutions who have taken the commitment to pay their fixed annual dues every year as stipulated by the Board of directors.

2.3.1. Active members-physical persons

They are:
- either club members with whom the activities cover one or several domains, or one or several aspects of the purpose specified above by article one. The list of these Associations is established by the Executive board. It is not restrictive. It can be modified by the decision of the pioneer members.
- or people proving to have a present or past activity or knowledge relating to the environment. Every request is submitted to the Executive board, in particular as regards the degree of experience, the scope and quality of the scientific or technical training. In general, the competence of the candidate to ensure that he can participate usefully in the works of the Association.

2.3.2. Active members-moral persons
They are Public institutions, Establishments in the public interest, Associations, Civil society, legally established Industrial or commercial Companies and scientific, technical or professional activity which has something to do with the purpose of the Association.
Every legal entity becoming member of the association has to indicate during its admission, the representatives of the association who necessarily have to be physical persons, and to inform the executive board of any possible change concerning these names.
The number of representatives of the same legal entity is fixed in the internal rules.
The representative of a member legal entity of the association cannot simultaneously be a member of this one in a private capacity, in some category and in any respect whatsoever.

2.4. Associate members are physical persons or moral persons, whose activities have similar or related domains to those of interest to the Association, and who were accepted by the Executive board.

2.5. Donor Members are the active members who agreed to pay the minimum annual contribution decided upon by the executive board.

2.6. Benefactors are active members, or donors who made or make the Association benefit from an important support accepted by the executive members.

2.7. Corresponding Members are physical or moral persons without an African nationality, chosen because of their competence or their activity or generally thanks to their favorable contribution to the development of the Association.

3. Responsibility of the members of the association
The heritage of the association is responsible of only contracted commitments on behalf, unless none of the members of the association can be personally held responsible for these commitments; subject to the possible application of legal requirements relative to the collective procedures.

4. Resignation - Elimination of the members
The membership of the Association is lost:
- By resignation notified to the President of the association by registered mail with request of acknowledgement of receipt.
- By the death of the physical person or by the dissolution, whatever may be the reason, of the moral person.
- By exclusion pronounced by the executive board or pioneer members for non-payment of the annual contribution two months after formal demand sent by registered letter with request of acknowledgement of receipt, or for any other grave motive after having been invited for explanations. The executive board rules in the conditions of majority.
The resignation, the exclusion, the death or the dissolution of a legal entity member does not terminate the association which continues to exist between the other members.



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