I) AAYE Forum
Welcome to the AAYE forum. This platform plans to become a lead level of discussion and ideas to promote and contribute to scientific knowledge for African development.

A) Rules of the game (forum)

1. English and French are the main languages of discussion.
2. All e-mail messages to the AAYE group should be relevant to study matters intended to enhance contribution to knowledge and research collaboration towards African development, as we do not entertain any messages deviating from this scope.
3. Always begin the subject line that is backed-up with a sentence/statement on the relevance of the subject to African development.
4. Replies should be consistent with and relevant to the topic mentioned in the subject line. If different questions and/or queries cut-across, then compose a new mail with a new subject.
5. Sharing of personal information (e.g mobile numbers, e-mail addresses…etc) among members is allowed.
6. Users are required to be formal in discussion and decent in language. Indecent language will not be tolerated at any cost.
7. The Forum is not designed for publicity or entertainment purposes.
8. Precision in comments and straight-to-the point responses are advised. Accordingly, lengthy messages maybe void of substance and waste of precious time. References are also recommended to substantiate facts in discussions.
9. Private messages relating to specific members should be handled on private email addresses. E.g, “Thanks messages” or any other message which is particular for that person who is being responded to. Moreover, while the first 5 “thanks” replies will be allowed, the rest should be on personal e-mail address.
10. Sharing of documents and e-mails which contain links to other groups or promoting personal web pages are not allowed, unless they are materially consistent with the mission statement of the AAYE.