Awards and Distinctions

AAYE member have published several scientific research paper. We present here the list of these research papers.
1) African Development Review: (2014), “Banking Activity Sensitivity to Macroeconomic Shocks and Financial Policies Implications: The case of CEMAC Sub-region”,
2) African Development Review, (Forthcoming) : (2014) ; “Déterminants Microéconomiques du Déficit de Financement des PME au Cameroun”.
3) Regional Economic Integration in West Africa, Springer: 978-3-319-01281-0, Switzerland, (2013), „Heterogeneity of Saving-Investment Causality in WAEMU Zone and Fiscal Coordination Implications?.
4) AEC (African Economic Conference) workshop Proceeding Book. (2014), “Financial Deepening Dynamics and Implication for Financial Policy Coordination in a Monetary Union: the case of WAEMU”.
5) Economics Bulletin, Vol. 34 N°=1, pp. 354-372 (Fefruary, 2014), 'On the Sensitivity of Banking Activity Shocks: Evidence from the CEMAC Sub-region'.
6) AfDB Working Paper Series, N° 203 (March 2014), "Développement de l'Industrie Créative et Réduction du Chômage des jeunes au Cameroun: une Approche par la Matrice de Comptabilité Sociale".
7) Beyond RIO + 20 selected workshop paper, (2013), „Inclusive and Pro-poor Financial System in Africa: Does Islamic Finance Matter ??.
8) African Development Review, (Forthcoming) : (2014), "Importance de Politiques Financières dans la Croissance Economique en zone CEMAC: Approche en Données de Panel".
9) Important Update: Unlimited Free Downloads. Campaign by Taylor & Francis for the JCEBS The economic consequences of China–Africa relations: debunking myths in the debate. Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies (2013)
10) Financial development dynamic thresholds of financial globalization: Evidence from Africa? Journal of Economic Studies (February, 2014). Publication: Downloadable Working Paper:
11) The impact of health worker migration on development dynamics: evidence of wealth-effects from Africa. The European Journal of Health Economics, 15(2), pp. 187-201. (February, 2014). Publication: Downloadable Working Paper:
12) REER Imbalances and Macroeconomic Adjustments in the Proposed West African Monetary Union, South African Journal of Economics (February, 2014). Publication: Downloadable Working Paper:

Concerning the awards, the work of AAYE for this year has been successfully recompensed by the following prize:
Concerning the Global Development Awards and Medals Competition (AMC) and specifically the 2013 Finalists announced in Category 3 for Medals on Research on Development, two paper on six selected in a world competition out of approximately 400 paper submission are from AAYE member.
( This is the most valuable international scientific publication competition and can highlight the fact that AAYE are implementing good job.

AAYE member have been selected as African Young Scholar and have attended the 2014 triennal World Congress.



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